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Colorful Lights

Adrienne Tropp

Children's Writer

Colorful Lights

About Me

My seventh-grade class had spent weeks learning about different careers. At the culmination of the unit, we were to write about a career that intrigued us and explain its appeal.  I thought Queen of England sounded good but suspected my my teacher wouldn't approve.  Other choices didn't particularly excite me. Because I had an assignment to complete, I reluctantly chose teaching. Surprisingly, I later did become a teacher. Who knows how much the information I wrote in the paper contributed to my decision!

As a teacher, I loved interacting with students and preparing lessons. Grading and completing required paperwork, however, weren't appealing. Slowly, I realized how absorbed I became in the research my students were doing or the research I did in preparation for my classes.

By the time I retired from teaching, I wanted to continue learning about subjects that interested me and to share what I learned. Writing seemed the perfect way to combine both.

I have written background material for and edited a cookbook, written  articles for local newspapers and for a parenting magazine, "produced" books for my grandchildren, and, of course, written the  books  shown on this site. And I still have many ideas I want to work on.

Here, you'll find my published books, information related to their content, and ideas to try.   Enjoy!

More coming!


Somebody Forgot to Tell Harry is a young person's biography of Harry Reid, which tells the story of how this poor boy from a small mining town in the middle of nowhere went onto become one of the most important figures in United States politics.

Set against the real-world backdrop of  World War II, Shanghai Losses is a novel about how a young Jewish refugee in Shanghai must cope with the horrors and devastating losses of war.

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